2. Morocco #1

    The mosque’s song
    Calling believers to believe
    To me it a chant dipped in sand
    A flamenco rasp crisp with sea salt


    (by me)

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    mmmm ryan

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  11. New poem #4

    I want to beat the earth for wanting to take her.

    It is cold, sharp, hard.

    Sucks my heavy open heart.


    I cried one afternoon until my sobs burnt my ribs in shame.

    There is not enough air in the world to feed us all,

    Just enough breath for me and her.

    I am breathless before pain.


    Death lives in us,

    A tiny cell,

    Smaller than me when I breathed in her belly.

    Smaller than the smallest fingernail.


    It lives within her still.

    But it is still,

    Her breath no longer feeds it.

    Instead we tread the earth together, breathless.

    We trample hard cold dirt and watch for crows in the velvet sky.

  13. Louise Bourgeois x Tracey Emin

  14. Gabriel Orozco

  15. Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul.